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Against Her Rules - Victoria Barbour This review is a part of my Canada Day Week Review-A-Thon. Click here to learn more about it!
Rating: 4.5-5/5
Steam: 4/5

Against Her Rules by Victoria Barbour is a witty, breezy and fun summer read that doesn't skip on the romance and certainly makes you want to visit Newfoundland! (Hint, pronounce it something along the lines of NuFin-land, with the emphasis on the last syllable. It's tricky, I often forget how to pronounce it correctly haha.)


Elsie Walsh is a reluctantly lonely B&B owner in the small town of Heart's Ease, Newfoundland. She is by all means a successful businesswoman having renovated a large mansion and converting into a swanky B&B for the famous and the not-so-famous.

Campbell Scott is reluctantly taking a trip across the Atlantic to sketch birds for his little sister. He's immediately taken by Elsie and tries to alleviate some of his lustful problems. Unfortunately for him (and way fortunately for us because his blunders are kind of hilarious), he has the tendency to say the wrong things to Elsie. To add to that, Elsie has a rule never to sleep with any of her guests. What's a man to do? Well, I'd tell you, but reading the book is more fun than reading my review.

What I Liked:

Elsie, Campbell and everyone were hilarious characters. I especially liked Aunt Ida! Everyone was unique and distinct and added their own charm to this lovely book. I am also quite vertically-challenged so I tend to like stories with a bigger man and a petite woman because you know, why not, so that was definite point for this book ;). Personal biases aside, I thought Against Her Rules was hilarious! I liked its quicker pace and the way Ms. Barbour handled this pace alongside their whirlwind romance is genius and so fun to read!

And Campbell Scott, you lovely man. He was definitely hot, but he wasn't flawless. He had a few blunders with Elsie and that was refreshing. It's probably because I've been reading a lot of historical romances lately, but it's really nice to see a male protagonist not be as smooth as they normally are. And more importantly, the chemistry between Campbell Scott and Elsie Walsh was wonderful. I liked how they got over their reluctance and I loved how they came together.

This is a bizarre thing to like, but another point for the book was its winter setting. It is scorching hot today and I appreciate the reminder that hot Canadian summers don't last as long as winter does.

What I Didn't Like:

I fell asleep halfway through the novel because I was tired and it was hot, and I hate myself a little for that lol. But I don't think I disliked anything while reading Against Her Rules. I was pretty sure I was enjoying myself quite thoroughly.

As Miss Barbour is a relatively new author, I will be awaiting to see more from her! If you like picturesque settings, hilarious characters and are looking for a quick but enjoyable read, I definitely recommend Against Her Rules!