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Her Perfect Match (Mistress Matchmaker, #3) - Jess Michaels Original review posted over at Sleepless Night Reviews

Her Perfect Match is Jess Michaels’ conclusion to her Mistress Matchmaker series featuring the Matchmaker herself, Vivien Manning. It has been alluded to in the past two books that Vivien has not taken a protector in several years and we find out why in Her Perfect Match.

This books was equal parts steam and equal parts emotion. Halfway through the book however, I found myself ignoring the rather steamy parts for the emotions. I’m probably going to go back and reread it, but I am a fan of well-written angst so I concentrated on that. Jess Michaels does an excellent job of making the readers understand Vivien Manning. Ms. Michaels shows us that Vivien Manning is a woman who had fought against her past and won on her terms. In fact, Vivien is shown to have a lot of agency in her life regardless of being a fallen woman. I don’t know how historically accurate that is, but the fact that she is as strong as she is, is wonderful. I also enjoyed how it was the more innocuous of things that set off Vivien and showed us her emotions. That made Vivien become a stronger character, in my opinion, because she dealt with the things that made her feel weak and unwanted with aplomb and dignity.

But, Benedict Greystone is clearly the one weakness she doesn’t quite know how to handle. Oh she handles him quite well, but not the way Benedict wants her to. He has been in love with her ever since and his love for her was heartbreaking. He knows he can’t be with her, he knows why, but he refuses to accept that. He doesn’t force her to love him either, he simply wants to be given the chance to show her. I think Benedict Greystone is one of my favourite heroes this year (I am aware it’s only March), simply because he’s a good man. He refuses to let Vivien lower her opinion of herself regardless of society because he sees and understands who she is. He’s so willing for Vivien to see herself for than just a mistress and is quite ready to do anything for that to happen. Yes, it’s selfish on his part because he wants to be with her, but it’s so painfully obvious that he cares for her regardless. Vivien, for her part, knows he is a good man and is constantly pushing him away because of it. It’s painful, but that’s probably one of my favourite aspects about this novel. Jess Michaels lets you feel everything and boy, it was enjoyable every teary-step of the way.

Her Perfect Match is a perfect way to end the Mistress Matchmaker series. With the risk of sounding cheesy, Her Perfect Matchmaker has just made me believe again that everyone deserves to be happy and to have love in their lives. This, I think, is a perfect Sunday read… it’s just perfect in general. I’m quite glad that the series was ended beautifully and I now anxiously await all of Jess Michaels’ new books.