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Strong Enough to Love (Jackson, #1.6) - Victoria Dahl Review originally posted over at Sleepless Nights Reviews!

Victoria Dahl is on my 'auto-read' list for books such as this! She does an excellent job of making the readers feel the characters' emotions. For most of the novella, my heart was aching for Eve because of her history with Brian. It wasn't over the top nor was it too cliche that it was unbelievable. Eve is successful and knows what she wants but she's also haunted by one big regret. I might just be a really big fan of the whole second chances thing, but no matter how happy someone is, there's always something we wish we could've changed. Both Eve and Brian had to make a difficult decision and I really liked how Ms. Dahl handled it. Brian, I think was a bit too optimistic, but then again, it all made sense.

Don't be alarmed, there is a happy ending. My only one true complaint was that I wish Eve had gotten a full novel. I felt like their resolution was too quick. I understood that Eve didn't want to let this chance slip through her hands again, I did, but I don't know, it was a bit too fast for me personally.

So if you're a fan of some emotional angst, second chance at love, small towns, Victoria Dahl and free books, you should check Strong Enough to Love!