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Master of the Mountain - Cherise Sinclair Original Review at Sleepless Nights Book Reviews.

Rebecca is stuck in a mountain because her boyfriend decided to introduce her to his swingers club even though she’s clearly not pleased about it. Why does she do this? Mostly because her mother raised her conservatively and because of body issues that stem from parent abandonment. She believes that Matt is a perfect match for her because he ticks all the boxes in her love checklist. Even though they clearly don’t have chemistry and he’s kind of not nice. There, she meets the ex-military owner of the lodge they’re renting, Logan. Logan is a Dom and he recognizes something with Rebecca and is more than willing to introduce her to his world. Rebecca is titillated and the 4 days she spends there with Logan is probably the most exciting time of her life.

I found Master of the Mountain to be sweet and actually pretty enjoyable. Normally, BDSM novels are a bit iffy for me (thank you 50SoG) but this one was different. And nice. Master of the Mountain shows the relationship between two people who obviously need each other. Logan helps Rebecca believe in herself again while she fights his nightmares caused by the war. Now I barely read D/s novels, so I really wouldn’t know, but I found her introduction to the art to be realistic and well… mature. You know, there was talking about what they both expected from the whole thing, a trial period, and making sure that they’re both emotionally connected etc etc. It’s interesting because the D/s is the thing that helps both of them realize that they need each other for more than just sex. Also, Logan was actually a pretty nice guy. Yes he’s a Dom, so he’s controlling and everything, but he’s no jerk. So that’s a good plus :)

So yes. This was really sweet. And hot. But mostly sweet.