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Crystal Cove - Lisa Kleypas Originally posted at Sleepless Nights Book Reviews.

If you're not a fan of magical realism ([b:Like Water for Chocolate|6952|Like Water for Chocolate|Laura Esquivel|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1356137501s/6952.jpg|1172473] or [b:One Hundred Years of Solitude|320|One Hundred Years of Solitude|Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327881361s/320.jpg|3295655]) and don't really believe in magical circumstances (might want to watch Practical Magic before reading this book), you're probably not going to like this book very much. Not everyone enjoys these things, I understand and that's fine. I grew up reading and watching books and shows that dealt with this so obviously, I loved Crystal Cove.

Crystal Cove is a story of how love can happen in the most frustrating of ways. Justine and Jason's love story can be described as a whirlwind romance with a good dose of magic thrown into it. Somehow though, Lisa Kleypas makes it work.

This book, however, can feel a bit different from her other works. First of all, the magic here is much more obvious (with a coven and everything). It's not too fantastical like the magic we see in fantasy books, so it still retains an air of realness. Seriously, watch Practical Magic. This book and that movie have some similar elements. Secondly, the sex scenes. There's some Japanese rope bondage involved and let me tell you, that was actually so classy and so hot and yet, it was still real and romantic. It wasn't over the top BDSM or anything. It was actually kind of sweet. And really, really hot. Third, Jason. Jason is an alpha male. He's very fond of telling people what to do. The scenes where Jason and Justine clashed and bickered about Jason's personality were some of the funniest parts of the books. He's a little bit more alpha than Simon Hunt, Alex Nolan or the Travises. And yes, he acts like a bit of an asshole because of his controlling tendencies. It makes sense though. Put in controlling character in a situation where he can't control his surroundings or his feelings and we see a man who genuinely will do anything for Justine.

That being said, this isn't completely different from her other books. There's still tortured heroes, well-developed side-characters, the really steamy sex scenes, well-written and witty dialogue, I can go on forever. Lisa Kleypas has definitely, finally, found her way to incorporate magic in the small town of Friday Harbour and thank the universe for that.

(Side note: Am I the only one that drew parallels with Practical Magic though? I swear the witch's bane thing was also in that movie.)