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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton (Originally published in Sleepless Night Reviews)

tl;dr: This book will catch you off guard because it is so likeable and funny and oh god. If you like [a:Tara Sivec|6422281|Tara Sivec|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1349197919p2/6422281.jpg], there's a good chance you might like this one.

There is this new trend of first-person POV lately and to tell you the truth, I am not a big fan. This is the reason I still haven't finished The Hunger Games and one of the reasons why I absolutely hated 50SoG. Now before I get killed for that statement, Wallbanger, although written in the infamous first-person POV, is the exception to this dislike. If we were watching He's Just Not That Into You, I would be Justin Long telling Ginnifer Goodwin that she was the exception to all those ridiculous rules or whatever that he had been telling her for the duration of the movie. But I digress.

Wallbanger, is a contemporary romance about neighbours and the small amount of privacy we get these days. It all starts when Caroline has one of the quintessential experiences of hearing your neighbours have sex through your walls. And then proceeds to get her head hit by a picture frame. And then hears bizarre noises besides the sex ones. It even gets weirder and slightly more realistic when she realizes how small her world really is when she realizes that she and her neighbour Simon run in the same circles. Six degrees of separation, right?

I was not expecting to like this book. I chose to read it because I was bored on a Friday night and I have been reading a lot of eroticas lately, so I wanted something cute. A book I'd think about days after I've read it. Wallbanger has definitely become my favourite, and because I think I'll be able to express myself better through a list, here's one:

- I was laughing so hard while I was reading this. Then I was feeling emotions. Then I was laughing again. It was an awesome experience, this book.
- The way Alice Clayton writes Caroline's voice is fantastic. I mean, that's really what you're supposed to have with you write in first-person, right? But some authors have a really hard time with that, I find. Clayton, on the other hand, seems to have it pat down.
- The characters. Sometimes, in first-person, the other characters don't get fully fleshed out because we're only seeing them through the voice's perspective. And that makes sense, completely. Even in this book, the characters don't get fleshed out completely but that doesn't matter because it really wasn't necessary! The way Clayton introduces and gives voices to her secondaries was so much fun. She did it through text messages and hilarious drunken gatherings. And also, I might just be biased because I'm Filipino, but man, Mimi I think is my other favourite character besides Caroline, Simon and Clive the cat.
- The way Alice Clayton writes, period. I haven't read her other works but she just manages to catch your attention and then keep it for chapters on end. I didn't even know what I was going into even after reading the Goodreads blurb and I can say that I am really pleasantly surprised.
- Emotions. I wanted a cute read, but you can't be cute all the time, so I liked how Simon and Caroline dealt with their relationship. And they even make the statement "sometimes you just know" believable.
- The food. Plus points for Spain because I've always wanted to go there and I have always wanted to eat paella from Spain.
- And lastly, the ending. That was perfect. I just. I am wrapped in feelings of fuzziness and happiness and I'm not even dreading spending a Saturday to study about espionage (and no, not the fun spy stuff, the actual, academic stuff) because this book has just made me so damn happy.