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A Kiss For Midwinter - Courtney Milan This review was posted originally at Sleepless Nights Reviews.

A Kiss for Midwinter is a sweet and emotional novella (38,000 words) about Lydia Charrington and Dr. Jonas Grantham. This is also a part of the Sinister Brothers series as both characters were introduced previously in The Duchess War. Jonas was one of the few people who know of Lydia’s past and because of it, Lydia feels as if Jonas Grantham is forever judging her for her past. Jonas Grantham, on the other hand, is head over heels in love with Lydia. A Kiss for Midwinter focuses on Jonas’ effort to get Lydia to understand how he feels about her and Lydia’s acceptance of what has happened to her.

What I like most about Milan’s works is that no matter how serious, how tragic or how realistic the issues dealt with in her books are, there’s always laughter and joy in them. A Kiss for Midwinter is not different. We see a heroine who is strong, well-loved, and has a sordid past. She didn’t let that past debilitate her in any way, in fact, she just kept on living her life. Of course, there is trauma. After all, she was deceived by a much older man and then miscarried. This doesn’t stop her from being the radiant being that Jonas Grantham falls in love with. Jonas Grantham is a doctor who regrets his silence during his first encounter with Lydia. As penance, he has decided to be as truthful and blunt to prevent from hurting someone again.

If you’re a fan of hate-to-love relationships, you’re probably going to like this one. Lydia is the very definition of angry. Since Jonas is the only person in town she feels she can hate, she hates him full-on. Jonas, being the lovesick fool that he is, lets her, because he thinks he’s deserved it. The fact that these two feel like they don’t deserve love but want it anyway was one of my favourite things about this novella. It’s always nice when people realize that love is not so bad after all. Despite their own personal issues being dealt with, this book was surprisingly funny. The banter between Jonas and Lydia were hilarious. Even the way Jonas talks about contraception outright was funny and surprisingly sweet.

What I loved most about this book was how Jonas devised a way to convince Lydia that his feelings were genuine. He understood why she was so skittish and never pushed her. In fact, he let her push him away because he knew that Lydia was the one for her and nothing was going to change that. I could go on and on and on gushing about Jonas and his romantic-ness, but I won’t because you’re all just going to have to read the book and experience it for yourself.

(You won’t regret it. Emotions. Romance. Laughter. Christmas. Seriously, pick this book up! It’s 0.99/1.01CAD!)