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"Staying up late for the next happily ever after!" I love my romance novels and I like reviewing them. I also like studying politics and history.
One Hit Wonder (Rock Stars in Love #1.5) - Elyssa Patrick One Hit Wonder took me by surprise in that I was only 9 pages in (according to my Kobo) and I was already feeling all the sexual tension between Jane and Damon. I had already wanted to give Jane a hug, as well for her unrequited love for her employer. I wasn't quite sure why she was so in love with Damon, but since Jane is an easy to character to empathize with, I trusted her judgement about him. Although One Hit Wonder is a novella, Patrick has managed to write in all the information a reader might need about her characters seamlessly. I believed that Damon was a kind yet sexy man, aspiring to be better. I also quite enjoyed being with him as he discovers his feelings for Jane. That scene in Times Square? Beautiful and probably my favourite.

One Hit Wonder was breezy, fun to read and the characters were pretty awesome that I selfishly wanted more from it.

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