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His Mistress by Christmas - Victoria Alexander Widows? Check. Rakes? Check. Rake needs to marry to become respectable? Check. Widow loves her independence so no to marriage? Check. Angst? Ch– wait. There is absolutely no angst in this book. Huh. And this angst-lover loved every word of this book! I still can’t believe it but hey, I actually really liked this one.

This is my first Victoria Alexander book and I found it to be very enjoyable. This had me laughing a couple of pages in! Brilliant writing, awesome characters! I think I was a couple of pages in and I already had a huge-a** grin on my face. As a holiday-themed read, I think this would be a very fitting Christmas read since the book uses the Hadley-Attwater Christmas traditions as a backdrop to the budding and much denied romance between Veronica and Sebastian. (It also gets you curious about the other characters — I’m waiting for Portia’s book! I like the uptight heroines and I really want to know who she’s going to be paired with, but I digress.)

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