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Love Irresistibly - Julie James (Read the full review over at Sleepless Nights Reviews!)

Boy, this novel felt a lot different from her older works but not too different. I found the pacing for this one to be faster but not rushed. I guess this comes with the fact that we've established a lot of side-characters and what Cade's job entails that there wasn't as much exposition necessary. The sex in this book was fantastically hot (I guess this was given considering the circumstances ;D )but her sweeter moments between Cade and Brooke definitely simmered it out to make sure it wasn't too over the top. I definitely enjoyed Love Irresistibly more than I was expecting. I was one of those fans who thought this book was going to be about Sam Wilkins and although I really wanted to read one about him, Cade Morgan and Brooke Parker did not disappoint.

Love Irresistibly definitely shows Julie James' strength in characterization and story-telling. We're introduced to a whole gaggle of new characters and it never felt overwhelming or confusing. I think both Brooke and Cade's backstories were handled magnificently in that it wasn't over-dramatized. The backstories provided a lot of information about why both act the way they do very eloquently and the readers definitely learn more about Cade in this book. I also enjoyed the fact that Brooke's closest friend was a guy and that their friendship was just a friendship because a male-female friendship is not impossible. More importantly, I enjoyed how both Cade and Brooke both had successful careers that were going somewhere but that wasn't a deterrent for establishing a relationship with each other. Lastly, we got to see a lot of her previous characters and that was fun. I think she has a soft spot for Cameron because she always gets the most screen time (?) but hey, Cameron is an awesome character and I'm glad to see how her relationship with Jack is going so far. I kind of wish we can get a novella about Cameron and Jack after this book.

If you enjoy novels about successful people getting together and having both awesome sexytimes together while having a realistic, mature and romantic relationship together, you should give this novel a read! Julie James needs to write more things faster, but if she keeps coming out with gems like this, I am more than happy to anxiously await her next book.