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Taking Shots  - Toni Aleo Original Review @ Sleepless Nights Reviews.

Wow this book was amazing. From the beginning, Taking Shots sucks you right in and never lets you go. You’re first introduced to Elli and her weight/self-image issues due to her illness and everything that happened during the time she was sick. We’re even introduced to Harper, her best friend. Then we meet Shea Adler and man his introduction (besides him being hot and gorgeous) is hilarious. It’s totally Shea.

Sometimes, self-image issues become tedious in books because they’re not fully explained and explored. All you see is the character hating herself and you know why, but you’re not fully sympathetic. Toni Aleo, however, deals with Elli’s issues quite well. I understood why Elli was feeling like she was and man, Elli is one strong character. She’s probably one of my favourite female protagonists so far because no matter how sucky her past has been, she’s come out stronger, better and happier. She needed a little help from Shea to see that she was worth it, and it took a little bit of time, but she finally realized it.

Shea was a saint, holy. Not a lot of people are willing to deal with people like Elli, especially on their down times. There clearly needs to be more people like Shea Adler. He is the captain for the Nashville Assassins and is totally besotted with Elli. I normally read a lot of books with the douchebag-alpha male and I am really glad that Shea wasn’t one. He’s very understanding of everything Elli faces, even when she doesn’t tell him anything, and is always there for her. I also feel for him because women tend to always kiss him without consent. Girls, come on, that’s harassment. He is just overall a great guy. He loves his family, he loves his team and his sport and he clearly loves Elli.

Overall, Taking Shots is a wonderful weekend read. I had to read it in two days because it was a bit longer than my usual fare and there were times when the plot could’ve been sped up but whatever. I didn’t want to stop reading the book because Elli and Shea and everyone was so amusing. Also, kudos to Ms. Toni Aleo for writing a villain that was truly horrendous, but still realistic enough to exist today. I wouldn’t wish that person on my worst enemy, honestly.

PS. I want to see a little novela about Harper and Jakob! I was so curious about their relationship in the beginning!