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ARC/Tour Review + Giveaway: The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn

The Sum of All Kisses - Julia Quinn

I really think that The Sum of All Kisses is the best book in this series so far because it just hit the right spots for me. It was funny, it was romantic, it was thoughtful and most importantly it made me believe in happily ever afters again. (I remember this every so often when I read a good book. I tend to reread a lot of my favourites.) Also, because it has Hugh. And Sarah. And Frances. And a lavender wedding cake that I want to taste. Seriously, if this book was a person I would hug it very tightly because I finished reading it with a fuzzy and happy feeling that I think is a trademark of JQ books.


One of my favourite scenes between Hugh and Sarah (this happens early in their acquaintance):


He didn’t move. She’d piqued his curiosity, and there was little in this world more tenacious than Hugh Prentice with an unanswered question.

“You have just spent the last hour ordering me out of your way,” she ground out.

“Five minutes,” he corrected, “and while I do long for the serenity of my own home, I find myself curious about your fourteen men.”

“They were not my fourteen men,” she snapped.

“I should hope not,” he murmured, then added, “not that I would judge.”

Her mouth fell open.

“Tell me about the fourteen men,” he prodded.

“I told you,” she insisted, her cheeks flushing a satisfactory shade of pink, “it was nothing.”

“But I’m curious. Fourteen men for supper? For tea? It’s too many for a team of cricket, but—­”

“Stop!” she burst out.

He did. Quirked a brow, even.


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Source: http://eveille.net/books/2013/11/the-sum-of-all-kisses-by-julia-quinn-a-review